Hospitalized for cath tomorrow

Onaees had his first appointment at Sheba hospital today. He has a very complicated heart with many anomalies, and in the end, the decision from many of the doctors today was to hospitalise him and have a diagnostic catheterisation tomorrow.

This is going to be his first ever major procedure at two years and three months old. Since the heart defect was diagnosed in Kurdistan, Onaees has been managed just with medication, rather than intervention such as catheterisation or surgery. His oxygen saturation is very low, around 60-75%, although his colouring is not too much of a deep-blue purple as with other children whom we meet with such low oxygen levels.

Thankfully, he seems to be developing in many ways well despite the low oxygen levels; he can walk and talk.

His mother was well-prepared for the day, and it was nice to meet her, as she has otherwise been in quarantine. Please pray for this beautiful boy.