How a Humorous Grandmother Made My Day

As I entered the ICU room of Bilind today, it seemed like his grandmother thought it’s her chance to come out. With sparkling eyes, she grabbed my arm and asked me whether we can go and meet the other families. “Of course,” I said. So, we started on our path. It was quite a little adventure with her. We both had trouble understanding each other so it caused many small misunderstandings that we laughed about. Also, because of her age, she has some troubles walking. But when we nearly reached the other waiting families, she walked faster and faster. I really had to smile about this humorous and determined woman. As she chatted with a father of another small baby, she laughed a lot and her eyes sparkled again. “She can’t lose you, because she has no idea how to get back to her room,” the father translated laughing.

Then, we continued to walk to the mom of Birhat. As we reached her they both chatted a lot. For me, it seemed like Birhat’s mom found a grandmother figure with the grandmother of Bilind. Likewise, Bilind’s grandmother found a granddaughter in Birhat’s mother. When they finished their chat, we headed back. It was a really nice short excursion.

Being back at ICU, she thanked me a lot and I finally had the chance to talk with the nurses about Bilind’s condition. They are trying to extubate him today! Praise the lord! Also his medication for blood pressure will decrease. So, Lord willing, he will breath on his own soon.

We must really pray for this beautiful tiny boy and his lovely family. May they find their hope, strength and optimism not only in their community but in the lord our father. He is the only real joy-giver.