How can I sit when my friends are standing?

Coming into ICU this morning, we were greeted by the warmest of smiles. Khalid’s father was really happy to see us. I wish you could all meet him – he’s so kind and he has a unique calmness, even in the middle of stressful situations.

Today the news was very good! A few minutes after our arrival, we were ushered out the room as they prepared to extubate Khalid and move him to the adult “intermediate” care room. I almost couldn’t believe it; he is recovering so well and so quickly. As our “five-minute” wait outside became more like half an hour, it felt like they might have forgotten us. Then all of a sudden, there was a flurry of activity. The doors were flung open and Khalid was wheeled out.

Everyone in the new ward was really friendly. I just had a huge sense of God’s hand over Khalid and his dad. As they settled into the new room, the nurse was eager to do everything she could to help.  She made sure Khalid’s dad had somewhere to stay in hospital and then brought him over a tray of food.

“Please sit” she encouraged him “sit by Khlaid and eat something”.

Gesturing to us, Khalid’s father explained “How can I sit when my friends are standing?”.

I was deeply touched by this. Initially it felt so special to me that he saw us as friends. As I reflected on this later, it really reminded me of how we stand together with these families. There is a unity and a friendship between us that is built by God’s love.

I pray that those two will discover God’s love for them while they’re here with us. Please pray God opens their hearts to him and that his love would be evident through everything we do.