How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

As I stood comforting Riham today I was so struck by how much I could feel God’s love for her. She is so small,  so sweet and so innocent and she is a treasure to her Heavenly Father. He loves her so much that He sent His son to give His life for her. This is amazing. At a time when many things are so broken for Riham it seems important to remember that our God is the defender of the weak, he is our safest dwelling place.

Riham’s mother is finding hospital very difficult and sometimes being in the hospital setting can make her feel very unwell. Please pray for Riham’s mum that she would feel the love of God and pour this same love over little Riham.

Riham is currently stable although faces many challenges. She has lost a bit of weight which is worrying when she is already so small. She is also making repetitive and constant movements with her arms and legs and needs a lot of massage and careful positioning to try and allow her body time to rest. Please pray peace and healing into Riham’s body. Pray that she feels loved and held tightly in the arms of her father so that she has peace.