How much more time

Mohammed went to Sheba hospital today for another appointment with his cardiologist. He had an echo and an ECG. Mohammed and his mother are here now for six months.

The echocardiogram today showed that the water in his body has decreased since his last appointment two weeks ago, which is good and one small step further into a good outcome.

Both Mohammed and his mother are both very eager to go back to Kurdistan. They kept saying to me today, “We want to go back to Kurdistan and we will take the risk that it takes to go back, no matter what.”

They are tired of not knowing how much longer they will be here for treatment. The hospital keeps saying it will be two more weeks until they have decided if there is possible treatment for him. His cardiologist is really doing the best he can for Mohammed and continually responds with patience to their questions and to their eagerness to go home.

I really understand that it might look hopeless for Mohammed and his mom, but there still seems to be hope for him, otherwise his cardiologist would have said already that there isn’t anything they can do for him.

Mohammed will have a Holter Monitor test tomorrow and needs to have several other tests this week which might help to bring more clarity to his case.

Please join me in prayer for Mohammed’s doctors, for our community to continue in patience toward Mohammed and his mother, and for the two of them to have wisdom about this situation also, that they might think it through again and see clearly what’s best for Mohammed’s life even if it continues to take so much time.