How to deal with the ear infections

After Arya had to go to the ER because of an ear infection, we went to the ENT doctor today. Arya often had trouble with ear infections previously in Kurdistan. Now finally, solutions for this problem should be found.

First, the doctor asked us several questions and then he looked at Arya’s ear, greatly enlarged. His assessment is that the infections will continue for a few more years. To prevent them from getting stuck in his ears, causing a fever or getting into the blood stream, Arya may be given ventilating tubes for his ears. This is to get the infections out.

Before that, however, the doctor would like to make an appointment for a hearing test. Until then, Arya is scheduled to take antibiotics for another week. After the appointment, coworker Doro joined us and really had fun with Arya. Later she sent me this video.

May God continue to stand faithfully by Arya’s side and give wisdom to the doctors of Israel and Kurdistan in their decisions.