How to sleep peacefully

Today at Hadassah Hospital, I first met Jude’s mother in the floor kitchen, chatting with the grandmother of another child here. They were very kind and immediately offered me a cup of coffee. Then Jude’s mother and I went to visit Jude.

Jude was crying a bit, so I went over to pat his head and talk to him while his mother began to prepare his milk. It turns out Jude wasn’t hungry yet, he was just tired. He fell asleep quickly, and then his mother and I sat and chatted for a while.

She showed me pictures of Jude’s older brother and father, and I showed her pictures of my family. After we had been chatting for maybe ten minutes, Jude’s oxygen dropped from 70% to 50%, which made the alarms on his screen go off. A nurse leaned in and asked us to wake him up a bit to see if that would improve his oxygen level. It did, and he jumped back up to 78%.

But as soon as he fell asleep again, it dropped back down. The nurse came in and turned him onto his back – it worked like magic, and he was sleeping peacefully with good oxygen levels in no time.

Jude’s mom says he is eating well, though it remains a time-consuming process. Please pray that this sweet boy will continue to improve, and that God will encourage his mother while she is away from the rest of her family.