Hugs and Kisses

Today our little Nyaz had an appointment with the doctor of the neurology department to check her lungs. We didn’t have to wait long for the administration papers and just came at the right time to meet the doctor which was a blessing! During the examination Nyaz was very calm and made it easy to check her. Her Mom was very quiet in anticipation for a good answer about Nyaz’ condition.

It didn’t take long and we left a room with a very grateful.  The result is that Nyaz’ lungs don’t have any liquid and her breathing is fine. She doesn’t need to get a therapy what mom was afraid of so she was very happy! Joyfully we left the second floor to meet the other families in the hospital.

I am grateful for the quick process and the positive result and I was touched by mom’s happy shining eyes. She started hugging and kissing me and now I could see how afraid and nervous she was before the appointment. Thank God for these great news!