Hur has an Echo today

Written by Kate and Selena:

We went to Sheba Hospital to make it to Baby Hur’s Echo appointment.

When we arrived, she and her Aunt were watching videos and patiently awaiting for the doctors to call them in for their Echo.

When taken into the Echo room and placed on the table, baby Hur began to cry as the doctor put the serum on her belly. She was chilled, but she calmed down closer to the end of the Echo.

The technician took the pictures she needed and sent baby Hur and her Aunt back to their room.  Since our last report, Hur has been stepped down to secondary ICU (where children with less critical needs stay to be monitored and treated).

Echo results will be given at a later date.

Hur and her Aunt will stay in the hospital until she can be scheduled for a catheterisation which, alongside the echo, will guide the medical staff on how to continue Hur’s care and treatment.