I can breathe myself!

The last night was a very exciting night for Asmaa, but also a very dramatic night for her grandma. We don’t know at which time it was, but suddenly this tough girl thought, “I can breath by myself! I don’t need all these machines for living!” And so she extubated by herself. The medical staff were very surprised and also a little bit unsure, but in the following hours Asmaa showed them that she didn’t need to be ventilated. But oxygen support is still necessary. After a blood transfusion for a better hemoglobin value, she had a wonderful oxygen level of 99%. She is still a little bit sleepy but awakes more and more after her very satisfying surgery yesterday.

Today, Asmaa’s lovely grandmother was not very well and complained of abdominal pain and dizziness. It was not easy to find out the reasons, but with the united forces of co-workers Miriam and Colin, and the hospital nurses and I, there was some agreement as to what might really be going on with Grandma. Firstly, she wasn’t drinking enough. Secondly, she was very scared about Asmaa’s self-extubation. Thirdly, her phone didn’t work, so she couldn’t call her family.

I’ve no idea how I did it, but after pushing some different buttons on her Kurdish smartphone, it restarted and began to work again. Thank you for helping, God! Now we could Grandma getting better and better with every phone call to Kurdistan. It’s so important for them to be connected all the time. Then we gave her water and explained that everything is fine with Asmaa.

The last tear ran down her face, it was a tear of joy.