I just want her to be okay

This morning I went to Sheba Hospital and visited Malak in her room. I saw her mother sitting on the bed crying. She is afraid about Malak’s condition and said to me, “I just want her to be okay!”

Even with oxygen support, Malak’s oxygen saturation is not good. The doctors think it is because of her narrowed pulmonary artery. Malak will go into a catheterization on Thursday to widen the PA. Added to that, she also has some problems eating and will have an x-ray tomorrow.

Malak is such a cute girl and was peacefully sleeping when we visited her. Her mom said, “She doesn’t know what’s going on. She doesn’t know that this is dangerous.”

And yes, this little girl doesn’t know, but our Father in heaven knows and he cares for our Malak. Thank you God for never forgetting a child! Please heal Malak and comfort her mother!