I love you

This evening, coworker Tatiana and I brought our little friend Hussein back to Sheba Hospital for his surgery tomorrow morning.

We enjoyed the whole weekend with him in our community home in Ashdod very much.

He loves to come for a visit to our staff house to try his music skills on the piano,

to play with our dog Shevie, or to just spend time with us girls.

It is always so much fun with him and it’s especially cute when he practices his English and counts with us to ten or says “I love you” which sounds more like “Alibu.”

Yesterday, we had to bring him to the hospital for a short blood test, which he didn’t like at all. However, after it was done, he was again smiling very quickly when I told him that we are going home to Shevie now.

Another detail regarding our hospital visit this evening, Hussein was crying very hard as soon as the doctor entered the room. We stayed a little while with him in the room and he was in my arms until he was finally calming down. He kept saying that he wants to go back with us and doesn’t want us to leave, but in the end, he was okay.

Lord I pray that the surgery for our beloved Hussein will go well tomorrow! Please bless him and his wonderful mother!