I prayed, sang a little song to her

I visited Eva at Sheba Hospital. She was breathing, but unresponsive to my touching her. Her mother, who was in the room with her, said she was heavily sedated. We talked for a little while, then Eva’s mother said she had to go to the restroom. I offered to stay with Eva while she was gone and she accepted.

After her mother left the room, I went over to Eva’s bed and put my hand in hers. I prayed for her and sang a little song. I asked the Lord for her oxygen saturation numbers to rise to a normal level. When I first entered the room, I noted a reading of 73. However, the numbers started to slowly rise after I prayed for her, and by the time my visit ended I noted a reading of 82. I told her mother this after she came back into the room. She was glad but cautiously optimistic.