I want to break free

Spending the day with Lya is always something l look forward to. Lya has so much energy and loves attention. She has a bubbly personality and an infectious smile and a checky laugh.

Lya is always up for some adventure and today playing in the window bars was one of those times. Whenever I am repairing things around the house, she loves to help me and always wants to play with any tools I have at hand.

However, today’s activity of painting with her, took a more leisurely twist.

Lya is scheduled for a Cath at Sheba Hospital in a couple of weeks, so please pray that it will go well with no complications. In the meantime, everyday is filled with more adventures to be explored. With her amazing sense of humour and infectious smile and laughter, more fun days with Lya await and I for one, can’t wait.