I want to walk

Today was the day of Khonav’s catheterisation – possibly the final procedure before she can return to Kurdistan. I arrived at Sheba hospital to find her mum already waiting outside theatre. Much to my relief, the two-hour wait was a peaceful one. Khonav’s mum seemed calm and relaxed as we sat, walked and talked together.

Finally, Khonav emerged from the catheterisation. Suddenly there was a whirlwind of activity as the medical team, Khonav, her mum, and I all crammed into the elevator and headed to her room.

Khonav’s been at Shevet for so long, she’s really started to feel like a sister. I lost track of time as her mum, Shevet nurse Colin and I sat together by her bedside. Ever the hostess, her mum invited me for lunch and tea. Her ability to show hospitality in every situation never ceases to amaze me. No matter that she is in a foreign land and in a hospital, on the day of her daughter’s catheterisation, generosity still flows out of her.

Khonav was soon awake and in high spirits again. A couple of hours after the procedure she was already eager to be out of bed and moving again. “I want to walk” she kept telling us, her eyes full of determination.

Khonav’s doctor said they are happy to see that her arteries are growing. God-willing she will be able to go home to Kurdistan, before returning in a year for her next surgery. Please pray that this is possible. After almost seven months here, Khonav and her mum are anxious to be back with their family.