I will give you rest

Halbast has a couple of problems at the moment. He has a respiratory virus called RSV, and a condition called chylothorax, which means there is lymphatic fluid surrounding his lungs. To treat this, he is currently on a fat-free diet and his doctors are monitoring him closely.

When I arrived to visit, Halbast was fast asleep. His mum is becoming a good friend to me, and we spent a while looking at photos of her family on her phone. Being back in hospital is taking it’s toll on her energy levels and she eventually fell asleep too. I was glad that they were able to have some rest together. I sat there by Halbast, quietly praying for him as he rested. Every now and then he opened his eyes a little, and grabbed my hand.

Please pray for Halbast and his mum. Pray for a decrease in fluid around his lungs. Please pray that God would give his mum strength and patience during her time in hospital.