I will turn your weeping into joy

Tonight Nate, Ruth and I went to the airport to pick up  the four-year-old girl Asmaa and her lovely grandma. The first thing Ruth noticed about the grandma was her patient smile despite her long journey; she seemed very happy to see us.

Asmaa was not extremely happy to see us. The new place, all these new faces, and then there is this strange guy wanting to check her oxygen–I probably also would cry about all of this.
As usual the thing that calms our children down is “Baby Shark” and also this time we managed to sing and dance for her to this beautiful song and she calmed down so Nate could finish his check up.

I went to get the car and when they all came Asmaa was already asleep in her grandma’s arms.

Isn’t it beautiful and such a strong family picture of the grandma is laying down her life to be with her granddaughter in such a difficult time?

When we arrived in Jaffa our sweet Asmaa was still asleep and didn’t wanna leave Nate’s arms as we were in the apartment. It is so lovely to see how fast a situation can change if we give them love, which we have from God. Later one of our coworkers found Asmaa already happily coloring in the living room.

Our prayer is that Asmaa will get well very soon and doesn’t need to wait a long time for her treatment. We also pray for her lovely grandma to find the strength she needs in all of this.

Nate adds:

This precious girl has a hole in her heart that can only be repaired by a skillful and dedicated surgeon, surrounded by an equally dedicated staff such as those found in Israel.

When I picked her up in the arrivals hall, she held on to me like a vise and would not let go. Oftentimes, I feel the same way, holding on to my Heavenly Father with every ounce of strength I have. Safe in the knowledge that as long as I am close to Him, the result is not up to me, but God.

I invite you to join me in praying for Asmaa, for her healing and strength over the coming months.