Ibrahim’s first assessment

Ibrahim was brought to Sheba hospital this morning for his first assessment. A fairly content baby with little complaint.

The first procedure was an ECG during which little Ibrahim cried a bit.

Next was his first echo taken by a first doctor. After this echo, we were told to please wait and the doctor would discuss things with Ibrahim’s mother.

Then a second doctor wanted to do another echo to checkĀ  more closely a few of the previous echo’s images.

After that, another doctor came and asked to do another echo to review the images of the first two echos.

By the end of the assessment, doctors concluded that Ibrahim has a bit of stenosis in addition to transposition of the great arteries. They said Ibrahim should finish his quarantine, and be ready for surgery when the time quickly comes. In the meanwhile, they would develop their plan and best approach for treatment for Ibrahim, and would decide on the surgery date soon.