If he’s well, then I’m well.

For volunteers serving at Shevet who don’t speak much Arabic or Kurdish, it’s always very nice when the parents of the children we are caring for, speak a bit of English like the mother of Lalo does. It makes it easier to get to know each other. We all miss little Lalo and his mother a lot in Jaffa.

When I went to Sheba Medical Center to visit her and our lovely “Ballou” today, it was nice news to hear that Lalo was moved to the Secondary Pediatric ICU over this past weekend. His mother is always happy to have one of us visiting her and is always telling us to give her greetings to everyone back at the Jaffa community house. When co-worker Carina or I are visiting with her, she is often communicating in German, which is lovely. She learned a bit from her husband who lived in Germany for ten years.

She was able to tell me that a balloon dilation procedure that the doctors used during last week’s catheterization, did not produce its wanted result, and that Lalo’s heart is beating very fast.

Now the doctors want to wait over the next few days to see if the procedure will yet bear fruit. If it doesn’t do so, he will need another catheterization. She is very worried about it and wears a lot of concern on her face. When I asked her how she is and if she is sleeping well at night.  She told me, ” If Lalo is good, then I’m good. But if he’s not, then I’m not, and the same with my sleeping.”

Please keep this lovely mother and our lovely “Ballou” in your prayers.