Still in the ICU

Little newborn Rafif remains very ill in the ICU at Sheba after her initial pacemaker placement,  followed by a palliative but emergent heart surgery just a few days later. As you see, she is on the ventilator and requiring much support, including medications for sedation and blood pressure.

Rafif’s hospital course has been a variable one, marked by periods of stability and progress, interspersed with deterioration and the need for resuscitation and increased support. One of the PICU Nurse Supervisors told us yesterday that they suspect that Rafif may have as-yet unidentified underlying genetic or metabolic abnormalities complicating her situation.

Rafif’s grandma remains at the hospital, hopeful for improvement and thankful for all that is being done.  She is open and appreciative of visits.  It is obvious that sh loves this baby. May our Father cradle Rafif and her family in his loving arms.