I’m impressed

When visiting Liya today at Sheba Hospital, I had the opportunity to feed her. I was very impressed by how well she was drinking. Praise God for the progress she is making. She still breathes through her tracheostomy and has to be on the ventilator at night.

I also was very impressed today by Liya’s mom. Because of the tracheostomy Liya has, she isn’t able to cough up mucus. That’s why the mucus has to be suctioned a few times a day. Liya’s mom was instructed to do it on her own, because Liya will be discharged with the tracheostomy, God willing. Watching her while she did it, was so impressive for me, because she did it with so much professionalism and calm.

After the whole process I tried to tell Liya’s mother my impression via translator. She was very happy and grateful about the compliment. So, I want to encourage you to tell your neighbors what they do well – words of affirmation have power!

Be also invited to keep praying for Liya, for a further improvement of her condition.