Iman is admitted

Our beautiful Iman has had a cough for three days as of this Friday. Also concerning was how high her heart rate was. Normally she is 140, but it was 170. So Shevet head nurse Colin and I took Iman along with another little one at Shevet from Kurdistan, named Asmaa, who was also presenting concerning symptoms to the emergency room.

The doctor said that she did have a virus, but didn’t understand why her heart was so fast. When the blood test they did came back it showed that there was evidence of a cardiac injury, so they decided to admit her to the cardiac ICU.

Throughout the day it was really sad because Iman who was not well to begin with was further agitated by all the tests she had to undergo, but her mom was a superstar on calming her down and helping the doctors get an accurate reading of her daughter’s heart rate. It was a very long day for them, but God’s grace was in the midst of us.

At 6:30, I went up to the cardiac ICU where we normally work to see if there was food that Asmaa (another little one) and Iman could eat, and the nurse gave me two plates of food along with many other things like bread, hummus, and cookies. At around 10 p.m., Iman’s room was ready and we left her and her mother to sleep. Please pray for God’s protection over Iman, He knows her heart and every cell in her body.