Imdad admitted for his surgery tomorrow

I was very excited today when I welcomed Imdad and his mum to the cardiac ICU. Finally, after two months, the long season of waiting has come to an end. God knows why it took so long…

Imdad is special and so is his mother; she became the main chef  for the Shevet home where our families live during their stay here – she put so much effort into making delicious Kurdish foods nearly everyday. But most impressive was how she comforted another Kurdish mother who recently lost her baby. Imdad’s mum was firm and supportive like a rock. I am sure she will be the same comfort to her son when he goes into surgery tomorrow.

Imdad is very strong and brave, but also very cheerful and friendly. When the nurse put in the cannula, he didn’t even twitch. And even though there were many situations during his admission that were quite embarrassing for him, we laughed a lot together. Please pray that their lovely patience will turn to account tomorrow.