Impossible is possible with God

When co-worker Carina and I went to Sheba Hospital today to the Adult Critical Cardiac Care Unit to visit Alaa, we were staying at the side of his bed for a few minutes looking at him and we agreed with each other that he doesn’t look that good at the moment. His hands were swollen and a bit purple. Carina was asking me if we should pray for him, so we did it because we know there is no better healing then the one of the Lord.

Today the doctors did an Echo for him, but they decided that it is not yet possible to disconnect him from the Ecmo machine. Please continue to pray for the precious life of Alaa and that God will open up a way for Alaa’s father to come to his son’s side soon.

If you look on this situation from Alaa’s or from the human perspective, you might think it’s not possible that he will get better. But it says in scripture, “The things which are impossible with men, are possible with God. ” Luke 18:27 ASV.  And we know that every life is in God’s hands. If it is in God’s will, He can bring Alaa back again a second time. We still have the certainty that Alaa is in God’s perfect plan.