Hassan is now in the second ICU. This means his condition definitely got better because he doesn’t have to be under constant supervision. Though he doesn’t feel well- I was able to see that first on the worried face of his auntie and then on his red eyes which come from crying a lot. My heart was aching for him in this moment. He has to work so hard to breath and his chest was moving too fast just to get some air. Around him and on his body are several cables that make him feel uncomfortable and he tries to strip them of. The days of recovery demand a lot of  strength of this little boy. Adding to this he has a cough which makes breathing even harder. I was so sad because I wasn’t able to help in any way but praying. Oh Jesus, you know the poor little boy. You know how he feels and the pain he experiences. You hold him in your hands and you take care of him. Let us trust in Him that He is our Almighty God who works in our day to day life.

And please keep praying for him and every sick child in the ICU. Pray that he calms down to find rest. He has been many times in the hospital and we hope to see him getting better as soon as possible. Pray that he is able to eat more to get the strength he really needs. And let us be thankful for the treatment and health care Hassan gets at the hospital.