Improving a bit

When I was about to go into the Pediatric ICU of Sheba Hospital today to visit the mother of cute little Rifan, her mother came towards me. She looked a bit sad but very calm. I asked her how Rifan is doing and she told me that she is improving a bit. I was really glad to hear this news because it means that for now, it is not necessary to put her on the ECMO machine, praise the Lord.

I went into the ICU to see Rifan but I also wanted to ask a doctor if I understood her mother correctly, is Rifan really improving? The doctor reassured me that she really is improving and that the procedure she underwent yesterday did really help her.

You can barely even see tiny little Rifan on her bed in the ICU, but she’s there! Please keep praying for her to improve step by step and for her lovely mother to have ongoing strength and peace in the whole situation.