Improving again

Today I found our cute Liya happily playing with her mom and smiling a lot. I’m amazed how good she looked today. Yesterday her mom started crying in my arms and today she was so joyful again. Liya is still getting antibiotics against her pneumonia but she is improving. In the bronchoscopy yesterday the doctors could see some changes in her airways.

The reason for one part of this change could be that her mother accidentally usually did her suction too deep and that could have caused some damage. But another part of her airways is also occluded and the doctors need to do some more tests before they can make a plan how to help our girl.

Yesterday Liya’s mom told me how thankful she is to be here in Israel now that Liya has all those problems. We agreed that it was God’s hand and perfect plan.

Liya was supposed to come for a cath at the end, but when she was already here, it got suddenly canceled and Liya and her mom had to go back to Gaza. It was pretty disappointing for them but now we see that it was maybe just God’s grace to bring Liya here in the time where she needs the medical attention so much more. Let’s thank God for his perfect plans and his work in Liya’s life.