Improving every day

I was visiting Yadgar at Sheba hospital when the Physiotherapist came to make her daily visit today. It is really great to see the therapists coming to see the babies, as the exercises which they recommend are easy for the parents to learn, especially a parent so intelligent and engaged as Yadgar’s mum is.

Yadgar is improving his ability to look around, and needs to spend time on his tummy to stop his head being flat at the back. As he has spent his entire three months of his life tired with a heart defect, it’s a big change for him to be able to be more alert and with the potential to move and use his body.

We also received the good news that the X-ray today showed that Yadgar’s lung has opened up. It is very good to hear. If it remains open, he wouldn’t need surgery to correct it.

Thank God for the healing for little Yadgar.