Improving little by little

Our precious Mohammed is still not eating on his own and is being fed through a nasal canula. His father was happy to know that he will  get some rest in the next few days, as I collected Mohammed’s great Aunt at the Erez border crossing and brought her to Sheba to exchange places with him for a time. All our children require a parent, guardian or chaperone of some kind and sometimes they need breaks.

Mohammed still likes just one specific pacifier. His great Aunt is extremely friendly and loves Mohammed a lot. I could feel that whilst I was visiting Mohammed with her today.  She took care of him in a lovely way, and couldn’t stop looking and smiling at him.

Even though Mohammed is not eating on his own yet, thank God that at least he is getting better little by little which I witnessed  myself today. His eye and head movement is improving. He was following my finger with his eyes and turned his head.

So thank you all for praying and please continue to keep this precious little boy in your prayers.