Improving-not ready to go home yet

After the cute rascal Ahmed was discharged from Sheba Children’s hospital to our home in Jaffa one week ago, he had to go back to the hospital today for an echo to see how be is doing.

Praise the Lord, the medicine he is on in order to decrease fluid did help and the echo of today showed that there is no fluid around his lungs anymore.

During the echo, Ahmed was really anxious and it was quite difficult to take the echo, which according to the doctor, is because of the drug Prednisolone, as it is affecting the behavior of some patients.

The doctor was really patient during the whole echo for Ahmed and his mother was also  so lovingly taking care of her beloved son. Since the medicine is helping well, the doctor suggested to decrease it from now on every day a bit.

Ahmed is not ready yet though to be discharged yet to Kurdistan because the conduit that they made in the surgery is a bit narrow. Therefore the doctor wants to keep an eye on it to be able to say if he needs treatment for it now or if he can go back to Kurdistan like that and wait for some time and then come back to have treatment.

Even though that means that Ahmed and his mother might have to stay for still some time, it is very nice to know that the hospital and medical staff at Sheba just want to do the best for all these children.

Please pray for ongoing patience as well for Ahmed’s mother who showed that she has a very patient heart during all her time here so far.