In God’s Hands

God continued to confirm His hand over the life of little Varin today. We attended Sheba for an ultrasound scan on her leg. Over the last few days we have noticed that Varin’s right leg is a little bigger than her left and given her heart condition and her previous catheterisation it was important to get this checked.


We were blessed to be able to move Varin’s appointment forward by a few hours today which allowed us to bring in Noora to be admitted at the same time. At Shevet, organizing van logistics for multiple hospital visits can be a challenge so this was indeed a blessing from God!
The ultrasound went well and Varin was such a delight throughout. She enjoyed occasionally moving her arms about ripping up the paper on the examining bed and smiling lots. Mum was so relieved to find out there is no thrombosis in the leg and the blood vessels are open and the supply is good. There are no concerns regarding Varin’s leg and she was able to come back home this evening to Shevet.
Praise God for his faithfulness to Varin.