In God’s Hands

Today Georgia, Yousef, and I drove to Erez crossing to pick up nine month old Mostafa and his mother! He was scheduled to have a diagnostic cath tomorrow, but please pray for him because this evening the hospital called to say he was running a temperature, which means if he continues with a fever, he cannot have a cath tomorrow, and may have to go back to Gaza.  During his assessment before the admission today, he didn’t have a temperature, however his mother did say he felt warm, but that it was probably from the stress of his teeth coming in. He had a procedure here when he was two months old, and tomorrow’s cath was intended to see how his heart is doing, and what the next steps are because.

We ask God to heal Mostafa’s body of whatever is causing the fever, so that the doctors can see what treatment he needs for his other heart defects. He did so well today with all of the initial assessment. At first he was very upset when they performed the echo, but he calmed down to the point of falling asleep on the table. While he was asleep and we waited for the doctor, his mom and I talked and shared photos of family; she was also curious to know more about two of our Gaza coordinators, Yousef and Amar, so we chatted about their family. Throughout the day Reem’s mum and  Omar’s mum, both from Gaza, came to introduce themselves to Mostafa’s mum, as well, so this was really nice to see them form a community within the hospital. We know that Mostafa is in God’s hands, and we can trust him with this little one.

As we left, Mostafa and Yousef took a picture together; it must be very significant for the families in Gaza to meet Yousef, who has worked long hours to secure appointments for their children to get the care they need, and sweet moments like this one is like a snapshot of the Gospel to these families, Jesus after all says that people will know we’re Christians, not based on how strictly we follow dogma, but by our love. We love, because he first loved us, and what a privilege it is to extend that to these families.