In God’s hands

I had a special time waiting with Ziad’s hopeful and sweet mother today during his catheterisation. She was in a good spirit, even though she was worried about the risk of possible brain damage during the procedure. It was very enjoyable to spend time with her, and to get to know her more. It is a difficult time, to see many of the other children seeming to be improving faster, and being moved into other departments. His mother is waiting earnestly yet patiently for her own baby’s recovery.

The cath was not too long. When Ziad was brought back to his room, the doctor shared that they were able to use a balloon to dilate his pulmonary artery. However, the pressure of his lungs is still high, and it had been a difficult time for Ziad. He remains intubated in the Intensive Care Unit, although his condition is now stable. The doctors need to discuss what should be done for him next.
Please pray for Ziad, who is tired and on a long journey with his health. Please pray also for his beautiful mother, that she will continue to have hope and peace, knowing that her son is in God’s hands.