In God’s hands, my love

This afternoon, the doctor in the ICU explained to Yano’s mother and me that after a week on the ECMO machine, Yano is not doing significantly better as the doctors had hoped. He reiterated that the chances of survival on the ECMO are always 50/50, and asked me to tell Yano’s mother that the surgeons, cardiologists, and nurses are all doing their best for Yano.

It’s difficult to imagine what the last week has felt like for Yano’s mother. After the doctor spoke with us this afternoon, I watched her kiss her daughter’s fingers, which are slowly turning a dark purple after a week on the ECMO, tuck the blanket gently around her, and whisper prayers over her bed.

Later, surrounded by other mothers of children in the ICU, one of the other moms hugged Yano’s mother close and repeated again and again, “fi yad Allah, habibti”– in God’s hands, my love. Indeed, Yano’s life is and always will be in the hands of a God who loves her more than we can comprehend.

In this faith, please join us in continued prayer for beautiful Yano and her family.