In Good Hands

It was my first time meeting baby Hassan and his grandma today, and it was a real pleasure to visit them in Hadassah hospital. Also, this was my first time in the hospital, as he is one of the first few babies that we have sent to Hadassah. As we found our way through this modern, clean and big hospital, even though I didn’t know the baby, the area of the hospital, or any of the staff, I felt confident of what I do know, and that is that God is always with us. So, when the task seems impossible to me, nothing is impossible for God.

 I think this helped me to feel like I was in a familiar place. I also felt that God was really giving us favour with our directions and meetings with the hospital staff today. Each person was kind, helpful and caring. They were interested in our organisation, and spoke with care and love towards Hassan and his grandma.

I really praise God for the time which we had today, and I feel grateful that he showed us how his Spirit is hovering over this place.

For sweet little Hassan, there isn’t too much of a change in him. The nurse told us that he is slowly slowly improving, and he is currently stable. The grandma was so proud to show us him sleeping peacefully; the first grandchild! She shared how the family back in Gaza are tired for him, and so is she, so please pray for strength for this lovely lady, and for continued healing for Hassan.