In love, there are no language barriers

Written by Bereth and Petra


Today it was time for sweet baby Tala and her loving grandmother to go home to Gaza, and coworker Petra and I were there to help with the arrangement. The first time I met this grandmother, she was very worried about her granddaughter’s situation, but today you could see in all her body language that her worries had turned into peace. She smiled and seemed relaxed, and that made me very happy. To see all the love while she was facing baby Tala, and how gentle her hands nursed her, was for me priceless.

From the first moment I met Tala’s grandmother, I felt a special connection with her, and today it grew stronger. Coworker Petra was speaking in Arabic with her, and suddenly this grandmother turned towards me trying to explain what the doctor had said. I tried to imitate the word that seemed most important, and it ended up in a tear-filled laughter between the three of us, that was almost impossible to stop. Tala’s grandmother dried her eyes with her clothes, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Over and over again we started to laugh just by looking at each other, and it seemed like she loved it just as much as I did.

While I was watching her taking such good care of her granddaughter, it suddenly struck me that the bond that was built during the hardship of their time while in hospital, will be for life. While we were on our way out to the car to take them back to Erez Crossing, Tala’s grandmother stopped me and kissed both my cheeks. I’m so happy on Tala’s behalf to have such a wonderful grandmother, and I myself will never forget this beautiful woman who left a piece of gold in my heart.

Coworker Petra writes: I just want to say how helpful and wonderful and kind all of the doctors and nurses were at Hadassah Hospital today – not a single one was ever rude or even seemed one little bit frustrated, even though I had to ask the nurses again and again about Tala’s discharge papers. When I went to the other floor to find Tala’s doctor, all of the doctors were beyond kind; one even dropped what she was doing and spent five minutes searching through the computer and calling people just to help me out. And on the way home in the car, I was singing to myself and Tala’s grandmother was singing to herself and we laughed together about how everything moves faster when you are singing. Tala’s grandmother has such a beautiful smile and laugh.