In need of a change

Amir returned to the hospital for another pacemaker check. His last few appointments have all been culminatingĀ to the point determined today: this little boy needs his pacemaker battery changed, and soon.

This was distressing news for both Amir and his mother, who fear having a surgery performed. We reassured them that it’s a small surgery–and it is very small, only lasting an hour at most–, but all surgeries have danger, and they are afraid.

Although Amir was perturbed by the news of his surgery, he soon settled, and he and I had some good fun playing games together for a while. He’s a very charming boy.

Their doctor wanted them to stay in the country in prep for the surgery early next week, but unfortunately that is forbidden under the present policy of travel permission for West Bank residents. There-fore, they’ll be coming back early next week for a surgery on Monday. We pray that they’ll be able to enter the country safely.