In the arms of her mother again

When I went into Liya’s room at Sheba Hospital today, her mother was holding her girl in her arms and smiled at me. It is so nice to see that even though her way has been so so difficult, Liya is slowly getting better again and the doctors are slowly reducing her meds.

What a step for her to be stable enough again to be in the arms of her mother instead of in the hospital bed all the time! I’m sure Liya wouldn’t be improving the way she does if her mother didn’t love her that much and was so strong for her daughter.

Last Thursday Liya had another CT scan to see if the blood in her brain decreased but the doctors couldn’t see any change to the CT that was taken before. But still they are not giving up hope that she will get better and just want to wait until she is good enough to finally have her needed Glen surgery. Please pray for Liya’s safety, that  blood in the brain area will dissipate, and that she will improve enough for surgery.