In the Hands of God

Sweet Rafif was looking beautiful yesterday, dressed properly in some clothes which were huge for her tiny little body.

Today they were preparing her for a catheterisation to further assess her condition. She was occasionally looking up at us, so it was possible to see clearly the yellowy tinge of her eyes. Her tiny body looked very frail, with the purple tinge of her blood vessels visible through her skin, especially over her eyelids. The skin over her tummy stretches over the shape of her pacemaker, and her the beat of her heart is visible higher up her chest.

Really, it seems a sad situation for little Rafif as she has been in every room in the ICU without significant steps forwards. Her grandma is committed, and won’t take a rest without Rafif! She was a disappointed today to hear that Rafif’s cath had to be rescheduled for next week, due to another child’s cath taking much longer than expected beforehand. But, she also was very understanding as she can empathise with this situation.

Hopefully Rafif will be able to have her cath on Tuesday next week. Please keep praying for strength for the grandma and for Rafif’s life and body.