In The Waiting

We woke up this morning with the gospel story fresh in our hearts and minds. The disciples found the empty tomb two thousand years ago today, but this wondrous morning came after a somber full day of not knowing what the future held for Jesus’ followers, they didn’t know what tomorrow bring and today little Bella is in a similar situation. She has been here for a few months and even had her surgery, but the pulmonary artery is slightly narrow which is a result of the surgery. This changes the pressure in the heart, which is risky because the type of care she would need in Kurdistan remains undetermined. Her echo today will be discussed tomorrow by the doctors, if they need to, they will do another catheterization; so please, friends, we’ve seen miraculous healing before, we’ve seen fluid clear and holes disappear from the heart, so we ask your intercession on behalf of sweet Bella, for faith in the Lord for her mother, because when we can not see the road ahead He knows the future, and for strength for mother and daughter in the waiting.