Interventional cath today

Written by Moshe and Rachel
Co-worker Rachel and I went to Sheba Hospital in the morning with Muhammad Latif for his Interventional Catheterization.

After a few hours of waiting with his mom, the doctor came and said that the cath in general, was ok. His left lung pressure was not good. The width needs to be at least 26 mm for the procedure to be made, but it was too narrow and the vessel was dilated with a balloon. The right pressure was raised, so they had to ventilate him.

The plan is to wait for him to stabilize and then to insert a stent. Mohammed was moved via ambulance to the adult ICU for now. When we went to see him, he wasn’t fully sleeping and managed to communicate with his mom by hands. He later was sitting up and able to talk with us.

There was a visiting pastor from the north who prayed with Mohammed’s mom while she was waiting. This brought her much comfort. She will come with us back to our community center in Jaffa since there is no option for her to stay in the ICU.

We hope that Mohammed will be more stable in the coming days and that God would give the doctors wisdom for the next steps to best help Mohammed.