Interventional cath tomorrow

Sweet little baby Abeer was closely wrapped up in blankets when coworker Ben and I visited her at Sheba Hospital today. The only thing you could see was her tiny little face, and once again it struck me how fragile these small babies’ lives are. At the same time I’m so happy that she is here in Hadassah in Jerusalem. I both see and feel the sincerity in the doctors and nurses to do all that they can to save these precious lives, and I admire their high standard to not let the children leave if there are still question marks in their treatments.

This litte beauty is going in for a catheterisation early tomorrow morning since the blood vessel upper right in her chest is partly blocked with bloodclots. The plan is to try to widen it with a balloon, and if that doesn’t work out well, they will instead make an operation.

Please join us in prayer for this little baby named Abeer, and cover her with blessings. She is very sick and needs a miracle, so I ask you all to hold her, her parents and her loving and caring aunt, up in prayer before The Most High.