Into hospital

Lia has been fighting off a cold for the past week. Her mother was bravely at her side, caring for Lia diligently and doing her best to patiently nurse her back to full health. Today though, as Lia has some sores on her mouth, she was not drinking milk so well, and her mother was worried Lia might be in pain, and with a bad chest.

We spent the day at the hospital with Lia enduring the full and thorough range of tests. The doctor’s decision was to hospitalize her; although she does not seem in too poor a condition, there are some unanswered questions, or ‘red flags,’ which meant that he was not satisfied to send her home.

Lia’s mum accepted the news of preferred hospitalization with calmness as ever, always putting her daughter’s health first.

Please pray for Lia to recover from her illness, and be healthy enough to continue with her cardiac treatments.