Introducing Baby Omar from Gaza

Omar is a two-week old baby boy from the Gaza strip. Thank God, little Omar on the weekend safely reached the Sheba Medical Center in an ICU ambulance, and is now in good and loving hands in Sheba Hospital’s Pediatric ICU. The doctors told me that he is stable, his oxygen is good, and that he is eating, which is great.

Today, doctors decided to do a CT scan for Omar tomorrow to assess how he is, and where exactly his heart trouble is located. They need to think about what the procedure will look like for precious little Omar, the goal to heal his little heart.

I introduced myself today to Omar’s mother, although there was some language barrier. With the help of a very nice doctor who spoke Arabic, she understood that I am from Shevet Achim and what we are doing. She was very friendly and patient towards me.

Please pray for the precious little life of Omar and his lovely mother, that the doctors can find a way to help them.