Intubated and Sedated

It was such a blessing to see Reem and her mother again today following the weekend. Reem’s mother is so confident around the hospital and multiple times today she was a huge support to our Kurdish mums who were waiting to hear news about their children. She even was quick to go and gain more information from the doctor for Lana’s mum after her surgery and ensured that this message was then translated into Kurdish. It is really such a treat to be able to speak with her in English and this has meant we have been able to extend our conversation past formalities and the context around us to cover topics like food, faith and haircare!

Reem is much the same as she was last week. She remains intubated and sedated. Her eyes are covered to prevent them from becoming dry and she has a heat lamp over her body. She is very delicate. It was a joy to link up with Local Leaders Dan and Lucy today in the hospital room and learn more about their brave actions in faith they are making to cover Reem in prayer and provide for Reem financially.

Reem’s mum was really encouraged by a scripture Lucy and Dan shared with her today from Matthew 9: 24-25 He said to them, “Make room, for the girl is not dead, but sleeping.” And they ridiculed Him. It was Reem’s own people who told her mother to just pray that God would take her quickly and her mum was made to feel silly to hope and yet she did and she still does. Please pray this scripture over Reem, that she may soon stop sleeping for Jesus is with her.