Intubated, but still unstable

Sohaib has had a very difficult 48 hours. The doctors intubated him this morning with the hope that he would stabilize, but he has remained unstable. In the echo this morning, they found that his ASD is still not completely fixed after surgery, which is the main reason his oxygen levels dropped so low just two days ago. Before Sohaib arrived in Israel, we were told he was beyond help, yet the Lord moved steadily through the medical staff at Sheba to keep him alive. We are in need of the Lord’s help again today.

While checking on him and his mother today in the ICU, I was amazed by how calm and understanding his mother was amidst all of this difficulty. I recalled just two weeks ago when we waited eagerly at her side for the results of Sohaib’s first surgery. The relief we experienced that day when the surgery had gone well was overwhelming. Now we find ourselves again praying for another healing act of God. This mother and child have travelled many miles from a refugee camp in Kurdistan, and have persevered through so much. Please pray for wisdom for the doctors as they monitor his situation and discern the next step.