Investigating the Heart

We were surprised to learn today that Reem had been taken for a catheterization. The doctors decided this was necessary to further investigate her heart. Due to high pressure on her lungs each catheterization poses a significant risk to Reem and her life. Please pray with us for Reem that she will be strong and stable following this procedure.

Reem’s mother shared that she had spent as much time as possible praying whilst Reem was in theatre. We talked a little bit about how we both believe in a loving God who surpasses all understanding, who knows and loves Reem more than we can fathom and the healing power of Jesus.

Reems mum was encouraged to receive a drawing from local leaders Dan and Lucy’s son praying for Reem to get better. It is beautiful to see that Reem’s mother now has a growing number of friends from all around the world who are praying for Reem.