Israel Welcomes a Second Marya!

Last night I had the privilege of meeting Marya and her father (as well as another child, Hani) at the airport as they arrived from Kurdistan. We knew that Marya would most likely need to go to the hospital right away and thankfully the ICU was holding a bed for us. After a quick hello I started checking her vital signs and her oxygen hovered around 75% without any supplemental oxygen. She is also sick with a cold, having a lot of mucus and struggling to clear her lungs. I called the ICU to confirm the bed and her arrival and we were off to the hospital.

The staff was very welcoming and her father, while tired and tearful, remained brave by her side, comforting her amidst the ECG, IV and blood draw, and everything that is scary to a toddler in a hospital.

When we went to check in on her today Marya was recovering from being sedated for a CT of her vessels (CTA) and an echo of her heart. Please pray for her as we wait to hear the full report from the cardiologist tomorrow. Praise God for her safe arrival, the space for her at Sheba, and wisdom of the doctors, both in Kurdistan and at Sheba.