It gives me hope

It was with great joy that I glanced into Qusai’s room today, facing the joyful eyes of his mother. Our immediate question was,”How is he? Is he okay?” and she said, “Yes!”

He has grown since the first time I saw him. It makes me so happy to see this. Co-worker Margarita asked his mother if she could hold him, and it was so beautiful to witness the following scenario.

Qusai fixed his eyes on Margarita’s face, and listened to her praying for him and speaking with him. He smiled, and his little chin started to shake. I thought he was about to cry, but he wasn’t. It seemed by the reaction on his mother’s face, that this is something he sometimes does. And then he started to hiccup. I have no medical expertise, but am myself a mother, this gives me hope. There is truly a fighting spirit in this little guy, and it makes the hope rise inside of me that he is on the right path. The path that leads to life.

Please continue to keep Qusai, his family and the medical staff covered with your prayers.