It will be good

Co-worker Erika and I arrived at Sheba Medical Center in the morning to visit little Ghada. When we arrived, the nurse said she is now in the Intensive Care Unit because they could not find her veins. In Intensive Care, the nurse told us that they tried to insert a Hickman (central vein line) twice without success and they will try again in a few days. We were also told that tomorrow, or when she has less water in her lungs, they will try extubation.

Ghada’s mother was very nice. She said that today is Ghada’s (monthly) birthday! Ghada is their only daughter. While we were there, we saw the dedicated care of her nurses and doctors.

Erica shared with me while we stood outside, that she had the feeling Ghada’s mother was very tired, but at the same time, had hope that it will be good with her daughter. She also saw that Ghada’s mother truly appreciated our visit and is thankful for the hospital team’s work and care for her little child

We bought them a cake before we left for the birthday. Please pray for a full recovery for the little Ghada.